The Zebrafish Facility in Frederiksberg

Our group has worked with fish for more than 30 years. We started working with zebrafish in 2013 and are becoming more experienced working with this species.

We are able to analyse the immune responses of the zebrafish by conducting gene expression studies (qPCR, >35 assays), histology, immunohistochemistry, behavioural analyses and in vivo real time imaging. We collaborate with other groups and have included metabolomics and transcriptomics in some of our studies and are aiming at being able to obtain a holistic view of health impacts of pathogens and accompanying diseases and/or hazardous substances.

We are especially interested in real time imaging in the zebrafish, which is a unique feature for this species. The real time video imaging enables us to observe the distribution of pathogens and substances in the live zebrafish. In addition, we are also able to observe the behaviour of immune cells towards the invaders. Until now, we have investigated the impact of viral, bacterial and parasitic organisms on fish by conducting in vivo real time imaging on live fish.

We are very interested in collaborations preferably, but not limited to, studies including an immunological aspect.